I’m sure not many of our followers can remember Jamboree bags in their childhood. (I can but I’m only admitting it because no one knows who I am)
Jamboree bags were a treat for little ones. They contained a toy, sweets, colouring book, crayons or any wonder of things that were magical to a child 
Bob (Powys Team) realised that so much work was going into developing the Food banks but there weren’t any treats specifically for the kiddies.
He thought what can I do?  and came up with a brilliant idea 
Bob decided to put together Jamboree bags but called them Rotary Rainbow bags as rainbows always come with sunshine 
Great idea Bob. Take a bow 
The bags are given out to the children at the Food Banks. So far 50 have been handed out and there are lots more ready to go. The children are absolutely thrilled to get a treat just for themselves 
There is a lot of work that goes into putting the Rainbow bags together as you can see. When life becomes a bit more normal the bags will be sold at markets and events to raise funds for even more bags.
Below is a photo of Welshpool food bank waiting for their delivery!
The Rainbow sticker is now on in all the food parcels put together by Rotary Passport (any excuse for a photo )
So next time you decide to sing ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow‘ and I know you often do remember the joy the Rainbow bags are giving
We are always looking for donations for these treats, ( sweets, toys, brown paper bags etc). If you know of anyone we could approach, please let us know so Bob can carry on working his magic.
Thank you everyone. Have a lovely sunny weekend 

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