This year we are organising Rainbow 🌈 Easter gift bags 🛍 for elderly people living alone in our various areas. In the gift bag will be bird feeders 🐦 🐧🐥🕊to put out in gardens and potted plants 🌺🪴 🌸 for indoors.

Over in Wrexham 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 we’ve teamed up with TEMPS Out of School Club based at the Roft Schools Marford, Pupils from the Roft school Marford and members if the 1st Marford Guides. They are all helping us by assembling bird feeders using recycled plastic bottles, weighing ⚖️ and bagging the bird food, potting up summer flowering bulbs into garden pots and making Easter cards.

The Roft School staff are very pleased to be involved and will also help distributing these gifts to members of the local Marford/Gresford lunch club which due to Covid have been unable to meet.
The Bird feeders will be a lovely gift to take to the lunch club Members by the children making them feel they are not forgotten.

You can support this project by buying your very own bird feeder kit and bag of food for £4.00. Every birdfeeder kit purchased will fund a feeder kit for the children to make.
Please contact if you can help

Two of our little helpers (Elias and George) from TEMPs are pictured modelling a completed feeder. PS: They’re holding it upside down so the seed didn’t go all over grandma’s carpets!